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Full Version: i have problem connecting modem to laptop pls help
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Hi I can't g get the modem to be connect to ,IM. Trying to reset the modem sb5101 to factory mode.I can't get the modem to be online, the online light is blinking. Please someone help me to fix this problem.I hope to hear from someone.thanks
Disconnect the coax.
Download and install Tmac ver 5.3 or 6.0.
run as admin.

change nic mac or router mac if you use one

reset modem and you should get 169 ip and gui access at 192xxxxxx
reconnect the coax...if you get locked out again you need to change the setup as the cmts is giving you the 1 finger salute. Change nic macs with EVERY new set of certs or you will just get the previous results

if not then reflash it and start over.
My problem is that I need to factory reset my modem, and the only way I know to do it is by using ,I can't enter in my modem with that address.There is a software that I can use to factory reset my modem? I remember I did a few changes. To the setting using the ip and after I reboot the modem I can't not longer enter to the modem uaing that address. I hope someone help me out.thanks
whats your gateway ip?
[Image: q7BX2.jpg]
It does not show any getway ip ,and the dhcp is disable, I remember before this problem happened I disable the dhcp settings by using on the modem settings.
Why is DHCP disabled? How can you talk to the modem if its disabled?
Yes I know thia is my problem, I mess with the modem setting and I accidentally disable the dhcp setting. There is a way to enable the dhcp without using the ip A software or tool to force the modem to make factory reset? Thanks
sorry but your screwed, time to reflash
reflash it. You DO have a jtag don't you?
No I bough this pre mod modem through ebay,I don't know how to flash it or use a jtag on this modem.Any HELP?
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