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Full Version: mac files?
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I am very new to this i got the modem pre moded and it has now cut off on me and says that the mac address is not recognized.. what do i do to fix them? once again i am a total newb when it comes to this thank you

You need to valid mac adress from isp
Premod modem dont always mean it would work when you plug it in recommend you do research on the modem
How do i get a valid mac address than or is that something i need to figure out for myself? and i have had this modem for almost a year and it has only cut off once and the person emailed me the cert for it.
Look up on how ot obtain a mac.
i am still having trouble trying to find how to do it..been searching for the past hour
here last spoon fed its called a mac sniffer.
So for some reason my backup modem works now but only getting up to 3 mg download I'm used to getting 30 what could be te issue
Config file is dead.
(24-07-2012, 07:07 AM)xbox101 Wrote: [ -> ]Config file is dead.

LOL . Looks like you have the same issue man. Look at the bright side better still to be online than not.
Lowest form of QOS service flow from your ISP..
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