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Full Version: Need help reflashing modem sb5101??
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Hello again ,i bough a blackcat usb jtag and i need to reflash my modem due to the problem I wrote early in this forum ,but I dont know how to reflash it. I have the blackcat usb jtag connected to the modem and the blackcat program. How i reflash it to got it back online.I hope to hear from someone Thank you
M8..Re-flashing and getting the modem on-line are two, totally separate issues...
I need to reflash because I disable the dhcp settings by accident using on the modem settings.Now i cant get the modem online and either access to I need help to reflash my modem to fix this problem. I receive my black cat usb jtag to reflash my modem.I am using flashcatusb software and i try flash firmeware haxorware11rev39 using the tab broadcom bcm3349 on the program,but I cant get the problem to write the new firmware.
Can someone help me using teamviewer ,I am here trying for 4 hours without luck .
I have been trying for the whole day ,anyone is going to help me or no? The blackcat usb is only detecting the tab broadcom bcm3349 and not sb5101 tab. This is driving me crazy.
We all went through this. You are now the proud owner of a finely crafted Brick O' Matic! I am going to link you to the best possible source for you to READ and learn from because to walk you through this is damn near impossible w/o being heavily medicated. don't freak out because it happens to everyone. (I make bricks on purpose out of sheer boredom every now and then believe it or not!)

Daks put a lot of time and effort into this tutorial and it has saved thousands of testers from a nervous breakdown.


It is THE BIBLE for fixing stubborn Brick O' Matics. Enjoy...fix it and welcome to being a tester!
I believe that the modem is not brick because I accidenty flash the wrong .bin and I semi brick the modem. Them a flash it back and now it is working. I need the right script for my sb5101 where I can change the mac address ,because I cant get the modem to get the online light on. I bough this modem premod from ebay a month ago,and I cloned with a working modem ,and i was working fine,but one day a mess up with the setting by accident disable the dhcp and mac address ,and now I cant get the modem online either access to
What script? On-line has nothing to do with "Flashing"...

Clones are being sought out and disabled..

You need to change the 1st CPE after the modem's MAC address..
I mean the online light is blinking ,after a mess up with the mac settings and dhcp I cant access to the modem. I was told in this forum to reflash to fix the problem.I will be appreciete if someone help me on teamviewer to reflash my modem.I have the blackcat usb connected from the laptop to the modem. I had been reading alot in a few forums ,but It seems imposible for me to reflash the modem.
Is it bricked? What happens when you first apply power to it? what does the LEDS do?
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