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Full Version: Anyone know how to run maintenance on a Mac?
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I fix computers in my spare time and yesterday a lady brought me a 2011 Macbook Pro and she said it was running slow. I told her I would have a look at it and advised her that she may need more ram and such. So basically all I have done so far is upgrade it to Mountain Lion, run disk utility and fix permissions, it seems to run better now but is there anything else I can do?

For PC's I usually use my geek squad disc and that takes care of about 5 virus scanners, malware scan, defrag, and all that good stuff, but is there anything for a Mac that anyone uses?
I would do a fresh install but the dude has too much shit here and I'd hate to have to reinstall everything. He's running a cracked copy of Adobe CS6, would a time machine restore also restore his edited hosts file along with CS6 installed?
Use ONYX and there are many features it has.. 1st thing is repair your permissions..

I also have TechTools Pro and like it, but ONYX works great!


I also recommend an SSD, use Carbon Copy Cloner
Excellent, thanks for the replies, I grabbed a copy of CS6 and am currently grabbing Techtool Pro 6.0.3 from usenet. I dont use my macbook pro enough to have to clean anything out, but since I have learned of these tools, I will add them to my Mac Software booklet. This is exactly the kind of disc I was hoping existed.

I bookmarked the titanium free site too. I once shy-ed away from working on Macs, but once I owned my own and got used to it (being intel based really helped) they're actually quite fun and painless to use.

I'll let her know about the SSD too.