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Full Version: WTF is wrong with Seagate HDD's???
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I was given 3 Seagate Momentus 7200.4 ST9500420AS 2.5 inch Hdd's today (Not the XT nand chip) from a buddy who handles foreclosures and they all have HP oem tags on them. I checked the serials on the Seagate site and they are all less than 2 years old. Of course, you cannot RMA an oem drive...

Every one of them is toast! 1 of them put the cpu in BSOD as soon as it went to boot win 7. the other two say imminent failure but will detect just can't run enough to even load an os on them and both fail Seatools Diag firm(yes, I know that's BS software, but I wanted to try to update the firmware on them).

I had a Momentus XT and it died a horrible grinding death after about a year. I really liked that one while it worked. It was a Great improvement over a reg hdd!

My 1TB 3.5 inch Barracuda died horribly after a little pussy 12 inch drop in a pretty nice enclosure.

WTF is going on at Seagate? That's a pretty shitty way to do business. Do they build SG Hdd's in an open-air factory in a Rain Forest during monsoon season???? The reviews of their latest hdd's are awful. RMA after RMA....
I run WD Black Drives now and they have been flawless in both the lappy and my gaming rig after I replaced the SG's that died on me.

It just seems like they don't even give a shit about the quality of their products. They supply a lot of the OEM's and it must be an absolutely ridiculous number of bad drives between them and the consumer sold ones to single customers that have to be replaced/swapped out. Maybe the ACTUAL cost to produce them is so stupidy low that it doesn't actually hurt them financially...hmmmm. Even if that was the case I would think they would like to present a better business mindset than that. Wouldn't you want it to at least appear that product quality means something to your company?

I just thought it a worthy mention.
Yeah Seagate hard drives are some of the worst ones. Bought a new laptop and it had a seagate hard drive and crashed and was done in six months. Most of the drives I use now are WD.
Seagate are shit

You try seagates hdd tools?
(08-03-2013, 08:34 PM)dishfear Wrote: [ -> ]Seagate are shit

You try seagates hdd tools?

Of course...that's what i was using to try to update from the HP firmware to Seagate firmware. No joy on either drive. It couldn't even run the basic tests on them. I was able to revive my Momentus XT with a firmware update but i had to do it the hard way through the serial port. I promptly sold it on CL and bought a WD Black!!!
Seagate used to be good, atleast for me. I'm more into the WD Green drives now, they run much cooler and no issues so far on a few of them that I run.
I have to have a 7200 rpm. No exceptions. The XT was 5400 bud the nand cache more than compensated for it. too bad that nand was not on a WD.
I have wd green 2tb x 3 and a 2 tb seagate. All video files on the seagate look brutal. translucent ghosting of the frames. Looks like a bad bit rate or something. Really to bad as now all those files are soon to be deleted
I can't remember exactly, but I had to RMA a hard drive that died while under warranty, with about 18% left before why warranty ran out. I got the drive back, and it damned died again within like that month. I think it was a WD drive, but this was back in the 90's so not sure exactly.
I never had any issues with Seagate IDE Hdd's though. I have 3 of them in an old Dell XP box on a raid card and they still work and they are between 4 and 7 years old.