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Full Version: VIP...lmao
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My VIP is gone over at SBH and i can't do shit! No pm's no dl's no nothing...but my rep went down!!!

That means some retard neg repped me for a post at least a year old....lmao!! I'm sure they'll find my vip trans eventually, if not i'll just buy anther one!

I thought that was worth mentioning...too funny!

I will email and text the ADMIN again
I'm not stressed over it ..i just thought that it was funny. It'll work it self out or ill get another one. A appreciate the effort though. I'm just bored! Cant really help anyone because no one wants to do any actual work to test and it gets old posting the same shit over and over. Can you post a link at cisco for me? lol NO!!! do some damn work!

I just miss the pm's at sbh i get to talk to some real testers there...
I don't think no one want to do any actual work. I know right now it is not easy at all to find out a hold in ISP to make online but I see more and more experts do not want to hint any body. For example: "Go to Cisco web site and read and you can figure out" it's like you said: "Go to university and study for 4 or 5 years and you will know".
not true....

If every ISP implements slightly different security features how can you possibly expect anyone to give you a hint about how to test YOUR ISP in YOUR node? I have done exhaustive testing in s fla and I can personally attest to the fact that EVERY area is just a little different! So, with that in mind, your ONLY plausible course of action is to learn exactly what YOUR CMTS requires during the provisioning process and how to give that to the CMTS! there is no better resource available that I know of than Cisco.com! I can't point you to what you need because I'm not at your house!

There is no more easy fix!!! I don't know how many different ways I can spell this out for you guys....

There is no hint I can give you that will work for you unless you live in my area! The only thing I've ever known about that IS universal is , unfortunately, Jr's Purple Unicorn Telnet hack! You have a better chance of winning the Powerball twice in a month than EVER getting your hands on that method, TRUST ME!

so, what does that leave you? Do the work and figure out how your ISP works (which is laid out for you in your handy, dandy Telnet logs!!!) or f ing give up and do something else!