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Full Version: very shady internet cafe
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very shady internet cafe, this place is bad.... i dont post on alot of forums but since alot of socal people are here i thought id put this out there.

i spent most of this month in sanbernardino working....n.e ways i stopped in the "internet cafe" because i have never seen one that you can gamble at or play "sweepstakes" as the employees like to call it. but its a total scam there is no sweepstake the cash is not pooled for a random win its just a total scam.

its in a poor neighborhood, drug dealing is going on, you see kids in there pushing the touch screen for their parents so the wheel will spin, and when i was there a homeless man was seriously assaulted right outside the door and the "security guard"(who is just impersonating a guard, not licensed) didn't get up till the guy was gone.. sick place. be careful.
Sounds like my neighborhood, thats not so bad. We're having a good year so far, only 3 killings. Homeless people get their ass kicked all the time around here for stealing people's bikes and various other items.


This particular murder was a friend of mine who was working on my motorized schwinn at the time, I now have the bike in my garage and plan on fixing it up as a tribute to him. They blew his brains out in the alley and shot his balls off. I was saddened, but he was not an innocent man and he knew his fate would be just that when "they" caught him slippin.

I guess you kind of get used to it, and hope it never happens to you.