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Full Version: Nothing good to watch now
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Spartacus has ended and Shameless is getting pretty far out there...Goldrush is over...Thank God for Game of Thrones! Iron Man 3 is ok nothing special though. I liked the first two better.
If I remember correctly, you do not have cable at your new place. What are
you using, an outdoor antenna? I have cable but not the premium channels.
I think after my contract is up, going to go with Direct Tv.
new deadliest catch started 2 weeks ago on tuesdays if you like that type of show I enjoy it
that is a great show Kornwood
Torrents rule!

I have BS Dtv, but no premiums, I watch the shows the same exact way the rest of us testers do....lol. deadliest catch rocks...not enough intelligent stuff on discovery anymore, too much drama. I'm back in school full time for IT so I don't really have the time anymore, but I really hope they figure out how to carry Spartacus another way...that show was absolutely epic!
Ive been watching the new show "Rectified" on the Sundance channel, it's pretty good. From the producers of Breaking Bad. If you've never seen Breaking Bad, I suggest you check it out.

Ahhhh...not till august!

Can't wait for BB to come back!