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Full Version: Firmware Upgrade Help Please
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Hey Guys Im Trying To Update For Cvc but im getting this error

2013-08-13 19:15:00 Error E105.0 SW upgrade Failed before download - File not Present
2013-08-13 19:15:00 Notice E102.0 SW Download INIT - Via Config file 54k;fg87dsfd;kfoA,.i

what should i do to solve this ?
the mac, config, spoof and certs must all match the real modem model your trying to download
and when i got them how do i do it ?
you dont, your CMTS pushes it
what is the command for that?

It's in the IOS section at cisco.com. Useless from the cpe though.
needs be done via telnet or SSH , Same With Provisoning ?

Sure This Is What Im Looking For....

cd ../snmp
max_dload_tries 0
docsDevSwAdminStatus ( 1, 2, 3)
{1 : upgradeFromMgt
2 : allowProvisioningUpgrade
3 : ignoreProvisioningUpgrade}

try but there is a easy methods..
would you care to share the easy method man .... ? or PM please
You cannot force a firmware push from the cm side if your ISP is using the latest D3 firmware...

the TFTP server is a one way ride now, triggered by a hit from the CMTS during registration handshake. you can telnet all day and get no response. Your area might be different, but I doubt it...
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