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Full Version: AMD 9590
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I just stumbled on a brand new in the box 9590 at a yard sale in Boca Raton...Cost me a whopping $50. Simply dumbfounded at my luck...can hardly wait to to see how high it will OC. I need a real Mobo as my 8320 is only able to do 4 ghz due to the shitty vrm's on the current board. Going for a r290x in the coming weeks to take advantange of my basically higher binned 8350...$50, no shit! almost free! I'm quite bored to tears "testing" on Comcast...I've been fortunate enough to get as high as 220/40 and it is unbelievably boring to have that ridiculous speed to be honest.That particular setup was not gained through my experience, it was a gift from someone I know and I used it for a week and it just sits on a shelf now believe it or not... You can only download so much before it becomes just plain greedy and TBH between biz class and a few testers I have way more b/w than any one person could ever need.
Overclocking hardware is now much more interesting to me and I have finally grown comfortable with liquid cooling enough that I am willing to push some voltage on some expensive hardware. Air cooling is completely inadequate for AMD chips at anything other than stock speeds. this will be fun! I picked up a 50 inch LG 120hz Tv at the same yard sale for $250...lol. The new Alien escape game should be awesome on this setup once it comes out around the Holidays....It's good to be a cheap SOB sometimes...lol
At those prices, must have been remnants from an estate sale. You gotta' feel guilty overclocking some dead guy's hardware....no?
(20-05-2014, 04:18 PM)newname Wrote: [ -> ]You gotta' feel guilty overclocking some dead guy's hardware....no?

about the same as fucking a dead guys wife, he's not using it anymore
Yeesh. O_O

Better in your hands than a garage or somewhere it wouldn't get use. Not talking about the wife.
(20-05-2014, 07:39 PM)drewmerc Wrote: [ -> ]
(20-05-2014, 04:18 PM)newname Wrote: [ -> ]You gotta' feel guilty overclocking some dead guy's hardware....no?

about the same as fucking a dead guys wife, he's not using it anymore


Better to be used now when its kick ass. Not in 10 years when its scrap.

Its always better when things are being used and APPRECIATED. And that processor is very easily APPRECIATED. Veryy good find there, last time I was at the computer store I think that processor was going for high 300s now. Best of luck to you, and I hope you enjoy your game on max settings Big Grin

ps. Hope you have a nice graphics card to keep up
Opened my new toy from Asus and put the cpu in it's new home with water cooling, 16 gb ram and a Sapphire 7970....Plenty of grunt to play with.

Won't even F ing post! $250 DOA Crosshair V!!!

The cpu works in my other mobo but it would burn it self up with even the mildest oc...Now I get to experience the agony of an RMA...I have a feeling this is going to be like downloading a Bluray movie on DSL....

Shoulda went Gigabyte I guess.
Asus was great in the early 2000's, but now they lack quality control. I usually get stuff like that from our local FRY's electronic store, that way I can get my ass right back in the car and exchange it. Havent built my own rig in years, this HP media center PC running a quad core Q6600 2.4 GHz has served me well. As soon as it dies, I plan on building something more modern. My MacBook has an Intel i7 with 8gb ram but I only use it for bringing corrupt apple products back to life. Sounds like fun SY!
It sure did sound like fun....Asus sucks! Not even gonna bore you with the BS I have to go through for the RMA...It'll be another 2 weeks till i can get another mobo..I might just buy a Gigabyte mobo and sell the new Crosshair on Ebay once I know it'll post!

Both of my Diags just went down last night....CC might have finally won. Don't have time this week to play with them. This is where the legit service is priceless...i'm not typing this on a phone!!! lmao!
All that info held so close to your chest and CC still sealed the holes.
Go figure.

toys still work fine. CC replaced a node in the area. Nothing lost yet.... New channels and an extra 10 or 15 MB/s of speed on Biz class. Not a bad tradeoff for being down for 36 hours.

9590's put out enough heat to cook with! Monster of a chip!!! Had to fork out for a monster PSU to play with it but it is an absolute joy to OC!.The RMA'd Crosshair is a sweet mobo to play with as well...Great investment while the AM3 platform is still around. Would I pay $300 for a 9590?? NOPE! Not a chance. Intel is Much faster, more efficient and mostly better at everything but I'll always be a AMD guy and I simply REFUSE to shell out 1500 bucks for a 8 core cpu, mobo, and DDR4 ...

It was fun to play with it for a few weeks, though. It's far too power hungry for what I do for every day use but I really enjoyed watching the included AIO cooler grasping for breath under full load...Definitely need to invest in a serious water loop to fully utilize that CPU. I'm gonna trade it to a buddy for a 8370e and some serious Kind Bud in a few weeks....He will run his 3 290x's on it under a full custom loop and it will get flogged till it bursts into flames just as it should.