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Full Version: Comcast users sued after ignoring piracy notices
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Ignoring copyright infringement warnings is something thousands of Internet users do every month but for two alleged music pirates things are about to get heavy. After ignoring hundreds of notices from anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp, both are being sued by a record label over a pair of 20+ year-old albums.

If they don't have enough sense to make their connection anonymous (using vpn or hacked modems etc) then they have no business using torrents in the first place. I've got a friend that has received multiple letters in the mail to stop downloading this movie or that one and he just laughs and keeps doing it...I mean really?! And yes I've even tried talking sense into him...lol
It's ironic init? That in the end, they just pull the plug on vpn's, after realising where the pirates went.. not thinking some of us are smart enough to use a 'cloned' modem to download.. yeah, go figure
Has it occured to you that IP filters is for the firewall of your modem, and NOT the firewall acls stored elsewhere?