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clever person who can hack a site at cw all a can say is had know chance logging into it
Who's account would you like me to use to message you all?

How many of the people who actualy liked my work there, gave me their account detail's, just to keep an eye on..?

Now if I had an admin's account to a web server, I would be able to rip the db correct?

A website's weakness is administrator account's.

A hint: I was the last person to leave a message on sbh before it went down, so what account did I use, that being a member of cheep wankers?

You'd have to wait until the sbh site is back up to find out wont you?

Hopefully, sbh wont say who's account this is.
ya done nowt on the cw all the work was already fews years back before DD tool got done
Yeah, by me and adz1100, and previous to that --- (name hidden to retain access) which acidfire STOLE, but forgot to change the tut, only after that did I come on as re-kr8 and blew ya all to kingdom come.. which was also mentioned at cw.. thank feck for screen shot's.. I have my own site if you'd like to look at pages they think were deleted, but are online for the world to see.. did'nt you know that? (thank's google for showing me how to cache earlier pages) I'd give you the addy, but I dont know if you really are andy m, I mean, if I can login usin your's, sorns, adz, etc, then how do I know you cant do same here?

Your not aware of this dude, but I got three professional software dev's backing me up with the kind of money sorn53 would grab in an instant, man, he is so young and greedy..

You were'nt as stupid back then, I guess trying to get NEW access to them modems will be easy for you lot?

Let's see who post's them first eh? Cause it wont be me. Beg on sucker.

(07-06-2015, 09:18 PM)andy m Wrote: [ -> ]clever person who can hack a site at cw all a can say is had know chance logging into it

And as confirmed by 14 other people on different os's and browser's..

No-one can register, hahaha
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