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Full Version: KvnKain's version of hax r39 diag
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With much better log's, hopefully someone will dig out from this, the tasks used to show these log's so I can hopefully incorporate them into my own compiled netgear firmware for cg3XXX modems. I only post it here, because I'm surprised it's not yet.. all cred to kvnkain for this:
Your point being? To Troll? Or to say:

I'm ass kisser no:1

I think I'll just upload this onto a 480, then reflash origional firmware, after all, this works, did you not know that? I'd prefer the task's used, but in time..
Take yer ain hint wee man, and if you had a ball bag, i'd use it for haggis and send it tae yer burd so she can njoi ye for real.. baw bag, pmsl..
enjoy gay?
He clearly has..

Dragonlord, I'll say this.. I am correct that when no-one knew who I was, you all thought I was a fucking clown.. but unknown to you, twas this twat along with bad_ad that got me banned in 2010 @sbh for proving that the first 50mb ubee could be hacked by shorting pin 2 to ground whilst holding spacebar, andf powering up modem. Bad-ad's refusal to accept what worked for others got me banned. Hence, in earlier times, i was viewed by some as the clowns nemesis.. for I know he is an amatuer radio enthusiast with a perchant for sending packet's of pdf's that are 99% unrelated to what people join these site's for in the first place.. if we wanted to be an isp, fair enough.. but why post what you posted above instead of saying thanks for the download?

This in itself, speaks for itself.. you did download the file I provided?

I guess this is why I feel I can ask why post what you did instead of posting it before me.. yeah, your a great help.
(07-06-2015, 09:28 PM)sage Wrote: [ -> ]enjoy gay?

Welcome to haxorware.
(07-06-2015, 09:35 PM)Ziricom Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-06-2015, 09:31 PM)Canis-Major Wrote: [ -> ]He clearly has..

Nice alternate account Canis

Did you not notice drewmerc's latest post?

I fake nothing loser.. carry on.

Will an admin with access to ip's tell these loser's I am and have been using same ip since i joined up? And heve never logged in here previously?

I am proud of being a tester, so proud I dont need to hide.. take yer jealousy elsewhere, preferably to the off topic thread instead of killing everything I try?
(07-06-2015, 09:35 PM)Ziricom Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-06-2015, 09:31 PM)Canis-Major Wrote: [ -> ]He clearly has..

Nice alternate account Canis

Wrong again, dya think you can possibly be correct one day? (sooner rather than later)
S'funny how you'll ignore my earlier request's to keep MY topic's on topic, and suddenly bend over for drewmerc? Have you been playing baw(l) with dragonlord?

What no thank's for file provided?

I knew that, but I'm not here for thank's.. but in time, even you'll thank me.. wanna bet?

Start your off topic, argue with me thread..
I got respect for him to, but this is my thread, so kindley follow his instructions so I can wip yer arse intae gear.
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