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Full Version: sbg901 can't access the modem's gui. Possibly blocked?
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Hey guys,
I have a sbg901 that seems to be locked by my ISP.  I cannot access the modem's configuration page.  ( It is the default gateway.
Is there a way around this?
Will installing an updated firmware change this?  I suppose that if I were to get my hands on a different version of the firmware, my ISP would update the firmware and I would be locked out of the modem's gui again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I really despise useless comments so I wont give u one,
this I happening for the reason u stated. as getting a clear answer here is
impossible at times.

spoofing the SW your ISP wants u to have is one way of getting around this.
that feature is there but unfortunately does not work which just blows
me away.... y dedicate a whole section to a non functioning utility time and time again...
amazing; other than that, awesome firmware..