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Full Version: Docsis Cracking Tools
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I'm doing a release hoping someone likes. Angel

Includes source with linux and windows x86 and x64 binaries.

Use a Hex editor to remove the ending zero bytes from the cable modem configuration.

Docsis Cracking Tools:

CmtsMicCracker - a standalone tool to bruteforce a cable modem configuration.
CmtsMicTool - a tool to export a hashfile from a cable modem configuration.

Usage CmtsMicCracker:

cmtsmiccracker config.cm

Usage CmtsMicTool:

cmtsmictool config.cm

Usage Hashcat:

hashcat --attack-mode 3 --hash-type 50 --hex-salt file.hash ?a?a?a?a?a

Happy cracking, may someone want to create a advanced cracking environment to crack cable modem configurations.

Much grateful to Rajkosto for the original cmtsmiccracker!

Yours sincerely, NinaNanja.