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dpc2100r2 help! - bamsemorten - 14-08-2012

i've got some basic questions.
1. should i have lan connected from modem to pc when i am modding ?

2. should i use 3.3 or 5v when i am modding?

3. LITE or DIAG? i am living in denmark,europe

RE: dpc2100r2 help! - drewmerc - 14-08-2012

1. yes
2. 3.3 (but if i need to power a chip direct i use a cut usb wire which is 5v and never killed anything yet)
3. if you have problems you will have to use diag

RE: dpc2100r2 help! - bamsemorten - 15-08-2012

what about power cable ? sry cuz i am asking so much

RE: dpc2100r2 help! - drewmerc - 15-08-2012

what about it? (i see 3 questions which i answered Smile )

RE: dpc2100r2 help! - bamsemorten - 15-08-2012

the standart power cable to the modem Smile

RE: dpc2100r2 help! - ABMJR - 15-08-2012

Yes, you will need to power the cable modem via its own power cable...

RE: dpc2100r2 help! - bamsemorten - 15-08-2012

thanks for the help Smile