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Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015

In my testing, on every site, there is talk of the 'private' whatever, so I think it would be good to have a central scource where the information is found, since it is not in fact a hack, but much sought after knowledge:

In snmp, we have public and private STRING.

In cert's, we have public and private KEY

By forcing an update we can see private key SCOURCE in console.

In downloaded config we see:

cmMIC and cmtsMIC which create when combined, the private (isp) string all seek. This is NOT the private string of snmp. But can allow it.

Is the cmMIC in config, the private KEY SCOURCE mentioned in console?

If so, then the cmtsMIC is the isp key SCOURCE?

So how can a modem verify the key we seek, or is it only cmts that can do?

RE: Private KEY - neo_ - 07-06-2015

The CMTS MIC is a security measure which simply ensures that you do not edit your config file.

If you edit your config file, the CMTS MIC will change, and the CMTS will reject your edited config file that you are forcing.

If you are able to serve forced config files, this is the security measure that prevents you from editing them.

If you want to edit your config file, you may be able to crack your CMTS MIC hash which is a salted MD5. DOCSIS white papers go into further detail regarding the specific encryption. Depending on how many characters was used, it may take from a week to several months to crack. There is a "cmtsmiccracker" tool that rajiko wrote a while back.

RE: Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015

Yeah, I know all this, but was trying to confirm that the combined cmMic, and cmtsMic found in config PRODUCE the desired string folks are looking for.. not that it will do much if snmp is acl'd on own node..

I was planning on kali attempts using pyrit passthrough Wink

RE: Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015

Had it since it was written Tongue

RE: Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015

I used to prefer DiFileCPE

RE: Private KEY - dragonlord7791 - 07-06-2015

Dfile cp asss,that is what you like xddd

RE: Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015



RE: Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015

Di File (Theif) 2005 B2 1.0.1922.961
Di File Cpe
Di File Cpe 1.16
Di File Cpe 1.16 build2453
Di File Snmp 1.02c.beta
Di File Snmp 1.0 1255.33674

Get it right your lordship

RE: Private KEY - andy m - 07-06-2015

who is this gobby person nee wonder he cant get on cw or ugm too busy bashing his gums bout nowt

RE: Private KEY - Canis-Major - 07-06-2015

Never been or wanted to be on ugly guy's modems (what does it stand for?) And dont want to return to the past where folks like you think 'the public' will find what you want, your setting's.cfg.. ah, the penny drop's.. you were'nt exactly so bitchy back then were ye ya beggar?

And to post a post from cw:

here lads thanks to Re-Kr8s idea i have got the settings for telnet and serial that go in the 192 page no more factory mode password batfile ?

log in to 192 page,go to advanced settings , then backup,restore the settings with the one i have posted??
you will get telnet and serial working? you can only change the mac through serial (max 232 for noobs)???
let us know ??? i will sort the vmdg 280 in a couple of days ?? THANKS Re-Kr8 ??


So who is this goby shit? The dumb mutha fucka with new access to that which you STILL cant dump properly.. if you stopped straining the cheeks of your arse and walk away from cw where you take all your work, you'd realise that site is only good for selling codes to freeview porn channel's here in the uk.. you'd think they'd at least use the internet and look at better for free..

CW = Cheep Wankers.. so cheep, they can only get freeview codes, hahahahaha

Incidently, previous to me using the alias Re-Kr8 on cw, previous to that it was me who brought the settings to cw, only to have the tut deleted and replaced by acidfire's, and when vermin blocked that is when I came up with the settings cfg, after, as mentioned on cw, translating the foro stuff.. keep in mind, this was before cw ever heard of foro.. come to think of it, did'nt I join foro before cw? c'mon andy, if you were'nt into the same kinda scum that made me leave there, why do same here? Ps: I used your account detail's to copy adz1100's post, away change your password, and tell sorn53 from me.. I was using backtrack well before he locked down the front page.