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Zeroware - JLopez18 - 16-02-2021

Anyone know how to go into settings on zeroware for sb6141? I want to be able to change the tuner type.

RE: Zeroware - rgvsxdigitalpimp - 28-03-2021

RE: Zeroware - Primeboy - 17-09-2021

(28-03-2021, 09:55 AM)rgvsxdigitalpimp Wrote:

I have an issue with Zeroware where I cant get in the login screen in
when my SB6121 is turned on with the cable coax but the PC can pick it up when the Cable Coax line is Disconnect.
How would get into the main page when Zeroware Modem is booted and Coax Cable connected with all the modem lights blinking green.
-Thank You