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Sb5100mod TWC bpi 1.1 help
So my concern is this if i was to lets say clone my friends modem and incert the information nonvol certs etc. into my modem(lets say we have two diff modems/live in difff nodes,which iv been told should work) would TWC findout n be like why is this guys service getting shown ina differnt neighborhood or findout at all?

My other concern was signing on as unknown how could i do it like that?
need some help
yes of cause they can see it, they can see everything you do, they only thing you need to worry about is would they be looking, they do not look unless there is a reason to look, and cloning is not a reason to look, easer to go after seller's than users
think of it as a court case they'd have to convince a jury what your doing is wrong and most people on this board don't understand how it works, where as sellers it's simple as they are selling modems for free internet they advertise it that way
my point being i have never seen or heard of a user being accused or convicted, loads of sellers but never a user
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