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2100 r2JtagUtility Instructions
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2100 r2JtagUtility Instructions
i want to try to jtag my webby 2100r2 with jtagUtility is there any
different process? i dont remember were i got this from. does any one one have a different way to flash back with stock 2mb dump
then flash with haxorware

JtagUtility Instructions:
If your modem is currently running infinite firmware it is recommended to restore it to stock, like it was out of the box.
To do this you restore your 2MB backup that i hope you made before flashing infinite.
The commands are as follows:
ldram 9fc00000
(A File Open dialog will appear, find your 2MB backup file and click open)
program 9fc00000 200000
It is recommended you make a backup before flashing haxorware (or any other hacked firmware) onto your modem.
To create a 2MB backup with JtagUtility, enter the following commands:
getram 9fc00000 200000
save 9fc00000 200000
(A save as dialog will appear, choose where to save your 2MB backup)
To program haxorware to your modem using JtagUtility, issue the following commands:
ldram 9fc10000
A File Open dialog will appear, find the haxorware firmware file you want (haxorware11rev39-LITE.bin) and click open
program 9fc10000 130000
After the flashing is complete, reboot your modem and enjoy Haxorware
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25-06-2012, 04:15 PM
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