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Issue with Comcast and 5101
Hey all,

New to the forum, its been quite some time since ive used haxorware. Im on Comcast in SWFL. Modem is running rev 39. It will not get passed 'Registration Complete' regardless of the settings i play with.

This is a completely legit setup, the modem's original HFC mac is registered with comcast with the serial number. I have processed a revert to 'default' settings, along with tried all BPI settings.

When BPI is set to disabled, it clearly wont register along with 1.0. If it is set to BYPASS+, it will register and come online however it will not dish an IP from the DHCP server. When on 1.1, it pulls the correct config from comcast, gets an IP, and is pingable on comcasts side however it never kicks into 'operational' mode.

Stealth look to be original, if anyone knows what they should be so i can verify ..

Any ideas would be appreciated..
sounds like you need cert's mate
You're kidding me right? Have you been in prison since 2010? Set BPI to BPI+ and reboot it with a telnet log from putty so we can see why the CMTS is giving you the 1 finger salute. BPI 1.0, BPI Bypass, Autoserving cfg's are loooooooonnnngggggg gone from S Fl....


You're getting put into a DNS to nowhere server because your clone will not pull a correct co signed cvc from the MANDATORY CC firmware update.


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Hes done..

Simple solution ...
^ Im sorry?

According to research, i need certs from a modem off my node. Any known tutorials for fastcert or something similar?
Logging event: Auth Reject - Permanent Authorization Failure

Wow...haven't seen that one in a long time. Your Certs are done as you lost them with a mac change. simply changing it back is insufficient now. You will need a full setup that is not tampered with.

Non-critical field invalid in response is actually a problem used to mean nothing but they have made it VERY critical on most nodes in S Fl..

No need to be sorry, just keep researching. It's a very different game now.
Will do, thanks alot guys.

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