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HFC.MAc.Addres Edit
That's generally the correct procedure, I've brought back multiple 51XX's with a full restore, as well as a couple of docsis3 modems. Then again, I was reviving modems to flash haxorware/forceware on, which can easily change the appropriate certs and MAC after flashing. As long as at least one of the modems is going to be a test modem, the same serial/mac/etc generally isn't an issue if it's not on the same CMTS as the dump came from - just note what it's actual info is and give it to them over the phone to activate and the test should work fine anywhere the mac won't collide.

If you're needing two legit modems, that gets a bit more difficult, and the easiest solution is to just use a clean dump from a modem from another ISP / region entirely. Otherwise, like drew said, you're hex'ing in the certs and mac by hand. If you're not familiar with the layout and a hex editor, I wouldn't advise it.

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