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(11-06-2020, 08:46 PM)hlopez256 Wrote:
(11-06-2020, 06:51 AM)RACK2005 Wrote: Hello,
I am trying to buy the solder flash cables for SB6190 modems, it comprises the following:
FlashcatUSB Match 1, 360 CLIP green, and TSOP48 NAND Adapter from the page of ""
This last site where the TSOP48 NAND covers has not been answered for a week and a half and it does not respond to messages, have any of you already had shopping experience with them?
And to know if there is any other place where I can buy this type of adapter that will operate to read the NAND flash without welding.
Thank you

can you send me links to where you bought thus stuff

I am new to switching from flash to modem with NAND FLASH, before it worked fine with SPI FLASH but now I decided to make the change to work with PUMA 6 modem.
The necessary cables according to some sources are:
- 1 UND | 48 Pin Universal 360-Clip Tsop Nand Flash,
buy here:
- 1 UND FlashcatUSB Mach¹
buy here:
- 1 UND TSOP48 NAND Adapter
buy here:
But with this last clip I have the problem that the manufacturer does not answer me e-mails, nor do I see any progress of my order from its website, I made the payment with paypal, so if in a few days I do not have an answer I will make the reclado of the money.
I advise you to better wait if some other colleague has already had the experience of buying it and sharing it with us, or in a few days I will give you news.
12-06-2020, 03:02 AM
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