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Hi 2 all members pleasure in meetn u all, im a newbie in this testing field which i have sb5101, my question is what do i need as in guides to read, s/w + hardware in order to test. I have read alot of posts but dont no where 2 start, any help will be grateful. Im not askn any1 to hold my hand just help i askd 4, believe me i 2 will soon b able 2 help others cus i truly believe 1 hand washes another. Thanks in advance 2 any1 that helps me.... Using COMCAST
I think you would be better off at than here..

Comcast has very good security implemented, and what works is no longer posted for Public Abuse.

You need a SB5101 with Haxorware and a USB JTAGNT and Haxorware Diag originally, then Lite later

I hate to say this, but you came to the party 3 years late

What area is this? If its Florida/Chicago or any other major city, I would say your 99% finished in "testing" any modem , whether its a D2 or D3
Thanks 4 THE BAD NEWS lol!!!! Whats funny is i seen routers selln on craigslist so is it total BS???
Sure is total BS..

Buyer beware
Do you know what other states where its not possible also is it possible to test in puerto rico???
There is always a way. Study modem provisioning scenarios and then telnet commands. It will be quite a challenge for you there is no doubt, but if you are a quick study and you can apply newly learned knowledge then you have a shot with CC.It is not for the "instant gratification people anymore as you have to stumble throgh some really, really godawfully boring shit till it starts to make sense to you. NO settings in Haxorware mean anything to a properly configured CC CMTS now.
If you arent scared off then simply READ till you hate it then READ some more and ask intelligent questions after you have searched for the answers already and you will be rewarded with intelligent answers.
Thanks, is there any guides here to read 2 start my conquest????
#8 You can join for free and read for free but it's 10.00 a year. to post questions. That is where ALL the real testers learned if they didn't already have a bunch of cisco certs already.

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