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Restoring stock firmware on EPC2100r2
Dear mates,

I would need a little help here. I am at the point where i would definitely need some advices.

It's been a couple of years since i flashed my epc2100-r2 (spansion) with haxorware, for more options, better diagnostics etc, and it was working just fine. I will have to return the modem soon so i wanted to put the backup i created before messing around with modem. Here my trouble begins. The backup file got somehow corrupted; maybe in the backup process (but no errors came up then) or something happened later but the file is corrupted and it just doesn't work when i flash it back to the modem. Using parallel jtag i tried flashing it several time in a row but also without success. The backup i made simply doesn't work. I can flash it with haxorware with no problem at all.

I have also downloaded a stock firmware from the net (made as someone's backup) and i can flash it to my modem. But after doing it, web page shows MAC address and the serial number from the flashed firmware, not mine. I wanted to ask if it is possible to put my original MAC and serial to the modem, through the bin or later after flashing it with the stock firmware. I am not sure if its even possible so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
how corrupt is your backup? i'd try extracting the nonvol from it amd inserting it into the dump you downloaded that way you'd have a working stock dump
this is a gif showing how to extract a nonvol
so for you to make a working dump the commands would be (using sbh_usbjtag in 510x mode or toms)
ldram 9fc00000 (select your nonworking backup)
save cfg (you can check the cfg tab to make sure the nonvol looks correct like i did)
ldram 9fc00000 (select the working downloaded dump)
ldram cfg (select the nonvol you saved)
save 9fc00000 200000 (this should save you a correct working dump)
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Dear drewmerc,

Thanks a lot mate for your guide. Did it this morning and it works like a charm. Thanks again for your help.

I don't know how corrupt it is, or what is corrupted, at which level. As we see now extracted nonvol works. I also extracted the bootloader and compared it with the working firmware. Only first two bytes differ, all the rest is exactly the same. Maybe that is the cause, or something in the firmware. When i created backup, if i remember correctly, i did a full save 9fc00000 200000. It is what it is. Anyways, working beautifully now. Thanks my friend!

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