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NOOB : 2 modems on the same line
Hi there guys.

First of thanks to all the contribuitors to this site.
Second of .. I would like to ask a question.
I have 3 modems one sb5100 one sb5101 and another those mot. surboard which i think its in the range of 4xxx anyway If i use the sb5100 with the surboard on the same line with a splitter they work for about 5 hours and then one of them goes down and but the other one stays online.
If i use the 5101 it does not connect at all using haxorware11rev31.
My Question is is there any problems with having two at the same time?

PS using comcast in FL
are you changing macs ?
if so, why the fuck are you changing macs on comcast ?

2 modems with the same hfc mac cant be on the same line
also, by splitting, your line might have weakened enough for the older modems not to be able to achieve good upstream to the cmts
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]
I am sorry as a noob ..
Yes i did changed HFC macs on all of them.
But still the problem persists..
Now 5101 does not connect with the 5100
But the 5100 is connected with the 4xxx.
If i don't have to change the macs that come with them please let me know.
Thanks for all the help.
no, on comcast, instead of changing the macs, you keep them the same as your certificate, so you can use d11_ configs
all you have to do to avoid the comcast page is to set dns on cpes to or any other dns realy, like opendns
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]

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