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network chip identification
Hi All,
I am using a Beetel 110BX1 router. While trying to open it, I cannot crack it open to see the internal hardwares [lol]. Please if anyone know how to open it [ sounds weird though, lol].; or else if anyone knows what is the network chip. I know its broadcom, and windows showing it as 'Broadcom BRCM963XX'

I just need to confirm it. And btw, can I use Haxorware 1.1 rev32 for this one ??

Also if you can link me for updated firmwares ??

[ I am asking a lot , lol ]

see ya guys, see if you can help me out.
(23-07-2009, 03:00 PM)MambaXL Wrote: Beetel 110BX1 router.
If I am not mistaken, this device is ADSL router. How is it connected to SB5101 which is built on BCM3349 chip?
Yep! Its an ADSL 2+ Router having Broadcom BCM6338 v1.0 [ i found it ].

About being connected to SB 5101, dont have an idea. just querying..

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