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May have got burned from a member here
Many of you know I bricked my dpc3000 awhile back. I was offered assistance from an established member here for which I graciously accepted the helping hand and sent my modem off with return postage and compensation for services rendered. Well, that was back in early February.

I sent a few pm's inquiring of the progress made or lack thereof, to which he replied the following month (March) that he was unable to resolve my issue. So I say fine, no problem, send it back and I will do something with it. He agrees to send it back. The following month (April) I ask if he was able to send it back out yet. He replies that he had personal issues and would send it out the following day.

That was last month. My PM's fall on blind eyes despite him being online countless times since.

I'm not mad, I guess Im just disappointed in myself for being so trusting since he is well established here.

It's folks like that who mess it up for those with true integrity and the best of intentions.

Sir, you can keep the modem and the bad karma that comes along with it!

Have a great day folks!
Garbage. Absolutely garbage. Your a good member and a better tester. This shit has no excuse. You should report the member to admin.
(14-05-2013, 07:54 PM)dishfear Wrote: Garbage. Absolutely garbage. Your a good member and a better tester. This shit has no excuse. You should report the member to admin.

Even post the user name here for others not to make the same mistake.
Well folks, I am stunned to see a PM in my box this morning from another well established member here offer me a replacement DPC3000 for FREE! Yes, that's right.... FREE.

I graciously accepted his offer and I assure you I will pay it forward! We have a good group of people here! I'm literally at a loss for words.

Thank You kind Sir!

Not everyone is who he seems at times!

Not every closed door is just that...

I bet I can guess who offered you such kind relief...
Post the user name
SlowGrind6 is the good Samaritan who stepped up to the plate. Kornwood is the one who has my modem. I sincerely hope this is just a case of someone going through a bad time so my modem is the last thing on his mind. It that case, I can understand the lack of response. kornwood seems like a very nice guy so this is surprising to me and I am not out to tarnish his reputation. I'm a glass half full kind of guy and I myself get overwhelmed with bullshit at times so I hope he is ok.
Not who I would have guessed but nonetheless a fantastic tester and someone who deserves to be recognized for such a kindness...

great job Slowgrind!
Yes indeed, I consider myself somewhat of a spiritual person and live by Karma's rules. I look out for others even if it means coming up short on my end sometimes. It's that good feeling you get inside whether or not the recipient appreciates it. It looks like some of the good karma I put out is coming back to me, and I will send positive vibes his way for sure!

I'm not getting all weird on you guys, I still cuss, smoke my weed, drink my beer, and chase women... but I don't hurt others in the process. I once jumped out in a busy intersection to help a lady push her broken down car when there was a bus bench full of well able young men who just watched her. I told my wife to stop, I jumped out, not thinking of my own safety, yelled at her to get in her car, and pushed her to safety. I got back in the car and my 5 year old daughter simply said "Dad, you're a hero huh!" that hadn't dawned on me, but when she said it, that made it all worthwhile.
Nope. Who are you again?

I thought it was ABMJR...he does shit like that all the time.

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