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SB5101 headache
Hello all. Normally I don't sign up for a forum and plead for help from the community, but alas, I have run out of options.

So here is my issue:

I have an SB5101 modem that has flashed properly with the computer I am using before.

During a flash last night, I kept getting a write error, and the flash couldn't be completed. I decided to give up for the time being and leave it until morning, so I unplugged the modem, etc.

When I plugged it back in this morning, the power, receive, send and online lights were all lit up, and the thing refused to let me flash it.

I have been testing things since, and have managed to make it so that the receive and pc activity lights now remain lit.

I can't flash my 2mb backup, nor can I flash haxorware to the modem anymore. JTAG Utility nand blackcat seem to have no effect.

Thank you in advance for any help that can be given.

Below is the most recent diagnostics output of my problem from JTAG Utility, attempting to flash the 2 mb backup.

jtag> detect

Read IDCODE: 0x0334917f
Manufacturer: Broadcom
Part: BCM3349
Version: 0x0
Create & Clear RAM Buffer (0x80000000 - 0x80800000)
Load Configuration File: bcm3349.def
IR Length: 0x5
Endian: Big
Protocol: EJTAG
RAM Start Address: 0x80000000
RAM Size: 0x800000
FLASH Start Address: 0x9fc00000
Read IMPCODE: 0x00800904
EJTAG Version: 1 or 2.0
EJTAG DMA Support: Yes
Detect FLASH : Unknown (Manufacturer’s: 0xffff Device: 0xffff)
jtag> ldram 9fc00000
Address out of range
jtag> detect
Anyone? I would really appreciate some input.
reset the tsop (half way down this page)
******new discord chat link*******
Thank you sir, any ideas as to where I should start looking for a datasheet?

I am still fairly new to the scene, sorry for all the questions.
You do not need a datasheet. The guide Drew posted shows the pins on the chip. good luck touching those tiny pins I would use a 3.3v hard reset in Daks' guide at SBH. Same thing I'm sure. You might need to poke commands too.

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