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Bad Flash on sb5101 now no light on modem...
Hey all i has my sb5101 flashed with teh abmit and Fresca firmware. I decided i wanted to go with Haxoware. So i flashed the modem with a parrel cable with Black Cat. I used data verify. It gave me and error when i attempted to flash the modem backl wiht the orignal software. I was an intel modem and used the intel flash. It failed to verify and now the light are not on at all.

No if i use the premod 2mb dump wiht Haxoware can i put i tto flash with out the verify option, or do i need to flash it with the orginal firmware first?
make sure your cable is not too long (over 10 inches)
make sure your cable is a FLAT 10 WIRE RIBBON cable (not just a bunch of wires)
and using a pin header and the idc connector is much better than just sticking the wires in the holes and soldering (keeps all the wire lengths identical)

then rewrite the 2mb dump from this site
flashing with parallel jtag is always icky
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]

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