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Mediacom Access
Morning Guys,

I recently decided to switch from there modem to mine w/ the future possibility of cancelling service if I can get my SB 5101 to connect without there info.

For now I am trying to connect my old SB 5101 w/o there help while still having my working modem that I will probably turn in later this week. This way I throw myself feet first into getting it running.

Right now it seems like everything works fine and that it hands me an IP after spoofing the authentic mac and sn from the other device, but it never goes online. I don't even come across a walled garden.

It's been a many moons since I even had my Haxorware v1.1 r39 even online so I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I've posted links to my setting which will hopefully be beneficial.

Thanks for your help.

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I can't speak for your area, but in my experience, you're actually overthinking things here. I've seen bpi disabled (you should be able to see this from your legit modem's page), and bpi+ bypass may interfere with getting online. On the other hand, if your area actually needs bpi, you'll need a full certificate, not just the mac from another modem.

Configs could be forced in areas I've seen, but not edited. Not sure if you snagged a temp ban or what, but if not, drop me a message if you've got questions.

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