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Am I crazy ? All My settings changed.
Geedawgzzz Offline
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Thumbs Down  Am I crazy ? All My settings changed.
I’m in nyc.   I’m out 15 mins.   Everything working fine at the time.  I come back home to blue status lights on my modem and all my settings changed.   
Has this happened to anyone else ???   
I think the provider made this change.  Is it possible ?    Am I crazy ??

Confused in nyc.
18-01-2020, 08:05 PM
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occalifornia Offline
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RE: Am I crazy ? All My settings changed.
The ISP can't "change your status lights". The status lights are an indication of what the modem is currently doing. For example, if the modem was online and functioning normally the lights might all be green, but if the modem is now offline the lights may be a different color and or blinking as it goes through its normal processes..

What settings changed?

Yes you are crazy... you keep posting this all over the forums. Smile
24-01-2020, 04:47 PM
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