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toshiba pcx2500 and the jtag
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toshiba pcx2500 and the jtag
can anyone tell me how to adapt my JTAG so I can flash a toshiba pcx2500 here is a pic of the pins [Image: Picture001.jpg] sorry about the quality the one on the left is labeled debug port and it's label on the pins from right to left is jp6 and starts numbering the pins 1 is squared off and 2 is below it up to 14. Then it has the next set of pins on the right labeled console from the right it starts jp5 above the 1 it is squared off as well then 2 bellow it up to 6. Then it has just two pins above the debug pins labeled jp4 no numbers or any thing. I have looked all over the web and can't find any info on the pins. So any info would help me thank you for your time on this in advance.
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18-02-2009, 01:55 AM
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RE: toshiba pcx2500 and the jtag
chadwood, you are not welcome here you tcniso fanboy
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18-02-2009, 09:05 AM
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