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SB6190 from USA on EuroDocsis?
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RE: SB6190 from USA on EuroDocsis?
Watch "Goodfellas: Fuck You, Pay Me" on YouTube
04-08-2021, 06:04 PM
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RE: SB6190 from USA on EuroDocsis?
(04-08-2021, 01:11 PM)arrobazo Wrote:
(04-08-2021, 10:32 AM)infinity08 Wrote: yeah {arrobazo} go ahead and tell them why? you don't help them...because they didn't offer you money, when your not even closed to be Bit-ware Owner.. and charging people...
just be upfront tell them , PayPal me $$$ and i half help YOU!!!!

okay pay me then and let the people I don't know pay me too ... bro I don't understand why you say I'm not even close to being the owner of bw, anyway the reasons why I got in the way is because the user was given the answers, you don't have to be a genius and I won't take the time to do it myself, and the user I was going to give him a dump, that dump I gave it to him months ago and it has active certs, it cannot be public ... (I want my payment lol) They should ask for support from domodeal that sells modem to Europe xD Anyway there with the public information that there is you can get a euro nvram, maybe the user writes here "I finally have my sb6190 online"

I tried it for a brief but I haven't had any sleep last night and I'm exhausted. I'v got a signal but it stuck at registration.

Never mind that. I will do my research how to manipulate puma based nvram and i hope i will make a good working modem. I have very little experience because all modems in my area are broadcom.
I just needed a little push because i was stuck and there is nowhere near me a puma based eurodocsis modem for me to experiment.

I't was a huge help from @arrobazo, I can't thank him enough...
And I understand why is he a little cautious. He have a good reason.
For the record he never asked me for $$$ and it was never about that!
04-08-2021, 10:18 PM
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