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Need help reflashing modem sb5101??
When I power on all the led when up but the online led is blinking all the time
Is the receive light solid ever?
I reflash like 10 times the firmware haxorware11rev39-DIAG.bin and the online led light still blinking. I cant access to the modem using the ip or I dont know what is the problem. Reflashing the modem should reset the modem ?
receive ligh is solid and send ligh ,the only light is blinking is the online light
What browser are you using? What ISP is this?
I am internet explorer , and I dont know the ISP
Can you help me to flash it using teamviewer ? PLease
disconnect the coax cable and retart the modem. if you still csannot get to 192xxxx then try a different flash.

Are you getting to 192... with just stock moto firmware or are you just flashing hax?

you MUST first flash stock Motorola firmware first, check 192xxx, then flash hax

go here and try these

PS. I NEVER Teamview anything for this hobby unless I know you personally.
I dont have the stock motorola firmware. Can you send me a link for it. Thanks
Thank everyone for the help ,I fix the problem , I was using the wrong firmeware to flash. What I did to fix the problem was to flash the dump 2mb sb5101.bin using the cfi_flash tab.

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