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SB5101 Keeps resetting.
Haxoware rev39 was put on my SB5101 and it was working until I unplugged it and rearranged everything and now the modem keeps resetting. What can I do to fix it. The person used the Blackcat USB.
call that person back and tell him

Craigslist....the gift that keeps on giving. Your Magic Black Box ran out of Pixie Dust. That's what the Miniature Purple Unicorns live on.
Craigslist? Ha, ha that would be funny. Only if you were right. Ha, ha. Me and craig don't get along.
@ABMJR Thank for the reply. I did call them back right after I posted this and they came back to fix it and they even showed me what to do if anything else happened to the modem and he even gave me the blackcat usb tool.
OK..What happened after that? What ISp? Are you just changing the MAC addy? Can you post a TELNET log?

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