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Sb6141 stop working
Down for me as well any fixes?
It's amazing to see how stupid these idiots are trying to exchange hacked modems on an outage website. It's hard to say right now if the problem is on their end or ours. I know I got a couple of modems going again yesterday but what's odd is that some went out and others are unaffected. Also a lot of subs out too.
Last night around 7pm it started working.
Back down today.. thank you all.
Does swapping really work? My sb6141 went offline for the past weekend and came back yesterday just to go out this morning again.
Nothing working for me..
Outage here in south Texas area . Cucking everyone out here it's crazy . But nothing seems to work .
Shows outages all around..
Hopefully everything works for everyone. Bad timing..
No gaming for my son.. could barely do my online netcad classes..Only hotspots .
Yeah admin/force and sbhacker/sbh doesnt work for me, what else can I do?
1edger did you flash the modem yourself or did you get it from someone else?
(17-04-2020, 06:43 AM)rgvsxdigitalpimp Wrote: 1edger did you flash the modem yourself or did you get it from someone else?

Bought it like that, it stopped working 2 days ago and I cant tell of it's their end or ours. I'm thinking some kind of new patch came out that disabled these since it's never been out this long. So if I cant access it, do I reset it or what do you recommend?

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