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StormWatch for firmware update
very different, bit files
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Thank you for the enlightenment and patience with a neophyte; then perhaps I should consider the JTAG route, if it is true that my provider will not then 'upgrade' an owned modem. One theory for the problems I am seeing (the modem shuts itself down and reboots once or twice a day) is that it might be due to a failed attempt by the provider to update the firmware.

I have no interest in any modified firmware, just a legitimate update; no offense intended to anyone.
your re boot is anything BUT a firmware issue. Signal problem or bad modem for timing issues..

Do a service call
My very thoughts; two technicians from Charter/Optimum have visited in the last few days and the signal strengths are just fine, and I approach this forum only after having reprovisoned a second modem and am still seeing the same problem.

The first modem was a SB5101, the second a SB5101U, both on rather old firmware.

I very much appreciate your thoughts, as I am somewhat at a loss.

I could call in a third visit, but as Einstein noted
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I attach a typical log in the hope that it might shed some light

At first I thought I had found the problem as the first modem had one of the ethernet pins missed by the wave soldering, but when the problem returned on the second modem, I knew I was wrong.

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The technicians did not think tlv 11 unrecognized oid was an issue?

Are you using the wrong dump on the modem? a 5101U or E will not work on a 5101 because the CMTS will send the wrong firmware..

were these modded before you got them,since you obviously do not have a way to mod them....
Show me the signal page.

Your ISP will update the firmware if it is needed by them.

I would lease a modem for 1 month, show the issue exists, then escalTE THE CALL/PROBLEM TO A sUPERVISOR

sorry 4 the caps at the end..hit the shift/caps lock button


TLV-11 Oid is a normal response for asking and not getting something. Maybe the CMTS is looking for a D3 response and he doesnt offer the right biggie

the DCC-ACK is though..

he cant change channels and then ack then cmts. Still think he has a signal issue
They did not seem very interested in the log, just testing the cabling and signal strength. They are both untouched modems running the original firmware.
seems to suggest the TLV-11 message may not be of concern

Signal page attached, and thanks for all the help; this problem is getting the better of me.

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your upstream is too high, your modem is at the edge. the 5101 can go to + 53, but I have seen + 49 at the edge and when you have hot dats and cool nights, the line amp/NODES have an issue with temp correction
Interesting, the techie said 45 - 51 dBmV was the upstream range (.177 - .355 V), and if I understand correctly, attenuators come in steps of 3 dB, in which case the reported 47.2 dBmV is right around the mark.

The following document
suggests (Page 8) that up to 54 dBmV (sometimes more) upstream is permissible.

Both modems are seeing the same problem.

That said, I really appreciate the suggestion.
For those that might be interested, the problem seems to have gone away (since Aug 10th), as I haven't seen an error in the log for 4 days now. i.e. I believe the problem was at their end, not mine.

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